Home Automation

Let Us Help Create Your Dream Home

Want to create the smart home of your dreams? Aeon works one-on-one with you to map and design the perfect smart home for you.  Working with hundreds of different brands and devices, Aeon can create a smart home, filled with home automation, you never knew was possible.

Smart Control Systems – the ability to effortlessly control lights, shades, thermostat, home entertainment, cameras, you name it, from anywhere – remains our pièce de résistance. It demands the best of everything we do, and we do it all: the big jobs, the tricky jobs, and the rescue jobs — jobs where others may have failed or fallen short. The best part? We make it all so easy: no inch-thick manuals, nothing to memorize – everything runs via sleek touch pads on the wall, your nightstand, or your smartphone or tablet. Bottom line: you rule the home automation technology, not the other way around.